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CRL Revision Poll Results

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We just completed a poll among 501st members in the 501st only area about revisions to the CRL.

The poll was based on discussion on this thread as well as private discussions among the MEPD Command Staff.

The Command Staff of the MEPD proposed the following change to the CRL in regards to Deployment as a MEPD Police Officer.

The CURRENT (and standing) LANGUAGE:

Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. Eight total teeth on the frown cut out.


Three or Four teeth cut out on both sides of helmet “frown” (i.e., a total of either 6 or 8). Four is often referred to as a “Stunt” helmet and Three represents the "Stop That Ship" helmet variation. Both are acceptable for Police Officer status but Four is preferred. Frown must be painted gray and must not leave the teeth area.

The "Current Language" won out with a vote 8 in favor of the proposed change and 17 against.

The general consensus among 501st members was...

1) since the "Police Officer" and "SWAT" citations are awards members are not obligated to try for unless so personally persuaded the CRL as it stands is a more fitting wording.

2) The "Police Officer" deployment standards — where the wording in question comes in — being one of an "ideal" sandtrooper means 4 teeth should be required.

3) The "SWAT" deployment standards should, and do, stand on their own as a separate achievement which members who have achieved the "Police Officer" deployment can choose to set as a new goal.

4) The programs were never intended as an "in tandem" set; i.e. while possible, it was not intended for people to build one set of armor in hopes of achieving both citations back-to-back.

We appreciate all the discussion, input, and opinions. The issue was seriously considered and debated among the Command Staff and current, voting eligible members of the 501st and a decision has been made. This serves as an announcement to members and upcoming members. Discussion on the topic has been great and lengthy and is now considered closed. Thank you for your support!

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Here's to seeing a whole group of new MEPD Officers in 2012!

Happy Holidays, Everyone! Take care, have fun and be safe!



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