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Stubby E-11 Bapty inspired by the new "Andor" series Shoretrooper blaster

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Hey there, it´s me again, as it seems, I am obsessed with blasters. :lol:
When seeing some pics of this particular blaster used by one of the Shoretroopers in the new series "Andor" on FB a few days ago, I immediately fell in love with the design.


Some talented guy came up with these files which show more details of this blaster:


Now I wanted one but being a sandtrooper, this regular and rather blank-looking Shoretrooper version would never suffice. 
Moreover, I wanted to completely scratchbuild this thing, no 3D-printed parts.
The only two parts which aren´t scratchuilt, are the magazine, which is a cut-down real Sterling mag, and the scope, which is a left-over Doopy-scope I still had lying around from one of my previous builds. 
So I decided to build myself a Tunisian/Bapty version of this blaster, as it is way easier to scratchbuild this. 

I am using my own other Bapty builds as reference and after making cardboard templates for everything, I started with the pipe for the outer barrel. 



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Next came cutting out all the parts which will be made out of wood, a lot of sanding already and then I couldn´t resist to attach them to the barrel.
On the inside of the barrel is a wooden rod which I am mainly using to attach all the parts to using screws. Later I will also use glue to attach them permanently. 


I also had an old scope rail lying in my parts bin, quickly adjusted it for the new shorter length and added it. In the meantime I have also cut down the original mag and added the wooden insert, which is spraypainted black. 


I have attached a very piece of sheet metal to the wooden rod which is on the inside and attached the back end which is also completely scratchbuild. In some of the later pictures, you will see that I decided agains the metal washer and just used my dremel to get the right shape, the cool thing about the Bapty version is that the whole back part was a cast, which means that the details aren´t supposed to be that sharp and there should be visible cast-lines too, where the mold had been put together.



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For the muzzle, I have just used the same diameter wooden rod with a slightly smaller wooden disc added to it. Using my dremel on this part to get the rather intricate shape right has been a nerve-wrecking job as the wood becomes quite brittle with such sharp and thin edges. 


The next day I started on the those parts that would be made of ABS, so I started transfering my cardboard templates to my 3mm black ABS sheet.


aaand cut them all out and started forming them using my heat gun. I have also created some very simple molds from wood for the front sight for example.




I am not going to comment on every single step of the process but should you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 




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And it fits... even if it doesn´t really make sense to have such a short foldable stock (mine will just be static) but it definitely looks cool.B)


Also used the heat gun to form this part, I will use some black ABS sludge to close the gaps on the corners.



this is what it looks like with the scope attached. 


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I am not adding a Hengstler counter as it seems a little too much for such a small gun, nor am I adding power cylinders.... but it´s going to be a combination of the two. 
What do you think of this?



It somehow reminds me of the parts attached to the DeLorean in Back to the Future...:lol:

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On 5/25/2021 at 8:22 PM, OnkelPaschulke said:

I'm not worthy... :D

Wayne´s World.:lol:

I have completed this build so it´s about time to update this thread.
Gaps on the corners of the heat-formed ABS parts have been closed using black ABS Sludge and it worked so wonderfully that I also used it to add a coat if this stuff to cover the side of the mag housing where the wood was still showing. Takes a little longer to cure than bondo but worked a treat.



after sanding it down, it looked like this:



Might still look a little rough but hey, it´s a Bapty, this thing is supposed to look rough and worn anyway. 

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I then took care of the DD resin scope. After thouroughly washing it, I gave it a coat of plastic primer and then three coats of Plastikote brass.


then I used Valleyo liquid masking fluid to cover the spots where I wanted the paint to appear cracked and worn. 
So I applied two thin coats of satin matte black and let it dry to rubb of the masking fluid. 
Finally I used a white wax crayon to rub it into the recesses of the lettering on the scope. I really dig finishing these scopes, it´s such a rewarding process.


Then it got a clear coat and finally I will be weathering it with a mix of watered-down black and burnt umber acrylic paint. 

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I used bondo to fill the gaps between the wooden parts that I had ended to the back end. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures at this stage of the build, I only have some documenting the next step which was spray filler to get a smooth surface, I did the same on the grip.



After the grey spray filler came some black special epoxy spray filler:




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I painted the parts that would originally be Sterling parts with a dark gunmetal colour and the parts that are supposed to emulate the cast aluminium parts in silver with a hue of slightly lighter gunmetal.
All hung up to dry.





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The one picture in my previous post showing the grip also shows that I have used liquid masking fluid again before the final paint was applied.
For the Sterling parts I used VH1 Crinkle paint while satin matte black was applied to the back end. 


Started to assemble all the parts, for most, I went completely overboard with glue and screws.


And here is the completed blaster after weathering:










And here are all the different Bapty versions I have built so far, some screen-accurate, some just being creative interpretations of the original concepts.


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I love your build, Urs!

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