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TD33348 Backpack Build Questions for Staff

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Hello, fellow troopers:

I'm embarking on my backpack #3 build (hoping for level #2 police officer). I would like to use this thread to bounce ideas off of command staff who will be reviewing and approving my pack--all in an effort to save a few headaches. Is that appropriate?

I'm using @bigwam and his info thread as my main source for research.

I've already ordered many parts from Ross at RWA.

Just recently, I found a vintage 847 Tupperware pitcher AND a Safari 600 canteen on Etsy and ordered both.

I think I will have Angry Ape Props build my Sonix Radio.

I will build my own frame out of PVC.

Do you have any thoughts/suggestions I should consider as I continue gathering my parts?

I would truly appreciate your help.


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