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My new special Bapty ("stubby")

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I have just recently sold my Bapty DLT-19 with a resin front end as I want to replace it with a new version my fellow German Garrison mates Björn and Lars are just developing (resin parts and aluminium outer barrel). So I was quite keen to get the build started and have already finished my new wooden buttstock when I realized that it would still take some time for the new replica MG 34 front end to be ready. 
...and I suddenly had an idea. 
I have always loved the look of short cqc rifles as for example the Colt M4 or similar guns, so why not do something similar but with a Star Wars/Bapty vibe?
So I took the scrap wood I had still lying around and built a shorter buttstock.



I had already developed an idea in my head how to do the rest. Most of it would be done with some other scrap parts I still had, some different diameter pvc pipes, some left-over parts of a Doopydoos E-11 kit (scope and counter) and a real sterling mag. 
So I modified the front of the buttstock to accept the pipes. It´s a very sturdy build.






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I then had to get the wood into the right shape and drilled holes into the pipes to resemble the look of the other Bapty blasters. I also came up with the idea to make the inner barrel poking out at the front look like a Sterling front end. Used some wood to recreate that look. Bondo and filler used to get a smooth surface prior to painting. 




I also created the shortest scoperail I have ever built. :sweat:


As mentioned before, I had an old scope which I wasn´t happy with as the paintjob was not satisfying (it was the very first scope I had painted) so I stripped down the old paint.


There was no question that the real Sterling mag had to have the wooden insert. 
I also cut out some grips from a thinner sheet of wood and glued them onto the handle (the screws were just there to keep it from slipping around before the glue cures.


I prepared the T-tracks using a heat gun.


Looking at pics of the screen-used Bapty DLT,

Tunisian Bapty DTL19 Plans? - T-21, DLT-19, RT-97c Heavy Blasters - Mos  Eisley Police Department

I decided to give this rubber floormat a try as the pattern looked about right. 


very easy to cut out the shape.



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Spraypainted the barrel pipes gunmetal


added chocolate brown for the rust effect


and then I have used masking fluid to emulate wear and tear and paintchips, sprayed over it with VHT wrinkle paint. The wrinkles really start to stand out when you hit it with the heat gun... but be careful. ;)


I then painted the buttstock with black wood stain and sanded it with 400 grit sandpaper... and repeated that several times. Finally painted it with some extrastrong black pu acrylic paint and freehanded the name in Aurebesh. The charging lever is also made from a wooden rod and can easily be removed for transport as I drilled a hole into the guns wooden body and added a threaded insert.
Used E6000 to keep the T-tracks in place, cut out a circle from EVA foam to keep the inner barrel centred and assembled the whole thing and here it is:











This little bugger is like a bastard/crossbreed between the Bapty E-11 and DLT. I named it "Stubby".
I think it has that Tunisian vibe and I am very happy with it.


Cheers mates

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A funny project :salute:

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It looks like it would pack a punch. Great work mate

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Recently took the stubby Bapty DLT on a troop and want to share some pics here. This thing was fun to carry around, although not a very well-balanced weapon. :sweat:




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