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*in progress* TD-22151 requesting deployment

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Hello Georg,

Welcome, to become a Police Officer in the MEPD. I have looked at your pics and now, we can start your Review:


Application Review: Part 1

Name: Georg Wartbichler

Legion ID: TD-22151

Forum Name: Trooper_Boy

Garrison: Österreichische Garnison



a. Green lenses: check

b. Paint color of traps / tears: check

c. Correct number of teeth: check

d. Mic tips: check

e. Vocoder color: check

f. Tube stripes: check

g. Rank bar on ears: check

h. Brow: check

i. Side screws (ears): check

j. Weathering: check

k. no mesh behind teeth: check


*additional comments*


Checked & Cleared



Armor details


a. elastic straps shoulders: check

b. neck seal: check

c. black undersuit: check

d. shoulder bells: check

e. biceps: check

f. forearms: check

g. pauldron: check

h. chest / back plate: check

i. kidney / butt plate: see comments

j. ab plate / side rivets / cod: see comments

k. strapping system: check

l. thighs: check

m. shins / calves: check

n. sniper plate: check

o. boots: check

p. gloves: check

q. hand plates / guards: check

r. ammo belt (waist): check

s. ammo belt (right knee): check

t. canvas belt: check

u. pouches: check

v. weathering: check



- pending -

Comments:  Please use filler vor the shims and sand it down. This area should not be visible.


Please remove the colour from the snaps:




a. details: see comments

b. weathering: check

*additional comments*


- pending -


- the two bottles are to long and thin, please rework this.

- the colour of the seedtrays and bottles is not right. Please Use batlleship grey or RAL 7031

- What is happened with the radio? Where is the dial? A second button for the dial?

- Please change the screw on the Radardish against a carriage bolt or a cap nut

- the UP-Syphon is  not up to date. There are good alternatives. For example from RWA. If it is possible, change it.

- The same for the Gio-Style, not the best for PO.




a. details: see comments

b. weathering: check

*additional comments*



comments: i miss the wire on the T-Tracks.



OK Georg, not in the first attempt but on the right way. It's not a lot but a few small things to do. No problem for you.

I hope, i will se you soon for the final review.

Best Regards, bigwam

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Hallo! Ich werde es überarbeiten! Bitte gib mir Zeit. Vielen Dank und beste Grüße, 


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Hallo Georg,

selbstverständlich.  Hau rein !

Hi Georg,

sure! Let's go!

Regards bigwam

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