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Greeting im TK6365 from Outpost Venezuela.

i have one tk commander approved armor, and want to convert this into sandtrooper

i have some items to do that but i want your opinion about my options to be a sand with minimal items to do this, with the minimal expenses because my country dont have the better conditions to get dollars

-armor FX with modification for TK commander (easy to reverse)

-helmet eFx with green lenses and correct Hovi-mic


-have ammo pounches from troper bay

-e-11 toy with the modifications for ANH appearance

-correct gloves for TD


i want to be a sand without backpack for now (i have pieces but need find more)

i dont have pauldron but one member maybe can help me with that (orange)


I await your comments to start this proyect.... Thank you in advance







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Hello Francisco,

welcome here in the MEPD.

It is always a good decision to be a sandtrooper.

Show your parts here and you can certainly be helped:


However, it can be difficult with some FX parts. Have a look at the current CRLs, what can be used:


By the way, your pics are great!


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Thank you so much Thomas.... your help is very important to me....

i will check the info.... 

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