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Neurosav Binoculars

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Hello everyone

So I had quite a few requests for photos of my binoculars, so I thought I would post them here.  They are customized to my own liking.  Of course you can do yours as you see fit with the stickers or lack of stickers.


So let me just say this.  I wanted binoculars that looked real as opposed to just brand new or worn out prop.  I thought about putting in electronics and real lenses, and then I stopped myself before I got to carried away. 


So here are the details:

The binoculars are 3-D printed by 3dprintmerchant.  Awesome awesome awesome. 


I chose white to match my TK and TB kits.  The sticker on the in black says, Special Operations Command, the sticker on the opposite side is my TK ID.  On the front is the Neurosav model, the bottom has the maker and model number and finally the on off labels by the on off switch.   The green is the range and the imperial cog placed on face plate and top.


I had the option of green and red lenses.  I loved both but I chose red for more elite operations infrared look.  I painted inside of the lenses on both sides black so that the red lenses, which are flashlight red lenses, look deeper.  The front lense has the red dot up top as you see on other Neursav binoculars, and same with the tip of the on off switch.  The turn nob by the on off has a red line across the top, I chose to run it down to the center for a bit more visibility of turn nob.  Non functional of course.


There are 11 screws, 7 larger and 4 small screws all installed to the faceplate.  The whole thing was sanded and painted white and then distressing done with a fine brush.  The distressing I wanted wasn't the chip paint look.  but more the dirt that has been cleaned off but during time just naturally wedged in to recessed areas.  Military would keep their equipment as clean as possible.  Not the banged around damaged look.  Which is what I wanted.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this and it is of some use and help.












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23 hours ago, DarthStevius said:

Wow!, These look fantastic Ardeshir. :duim:

Thank you Steve.  Appreciate it Brother. 

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