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Dirty dashboard hula doll

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Hey my dirty brothers and sisters,

there´s not a lot going on here at the MEPD right now ...seems to be in lockdown mode as well. :sweat:

However, to keep myself and maybe some of you entertained, I revisited an old idea of mine: I have built a Sandtrooper dashboard hula doll about two years ago, I had ordered on of these cute hula dolls on amazon and wanted to modify it, so I also ordered one of these Lego Stormtrooper Commander figures.


Sizewise this helmet matches the figure and it´s one of the best-looking miniature helmets out there in my opinion. I had to use my dremel to hollow out the helmet so it would fit on the hula doll´s head. I then just added some weathering to the helmet and glued it on the doll´s head using E6000 and this is what it looks like:


Already from the beginning of this project, I noticed that the position of the arms as they are holding the guitar would probably be good to hold something different... so I got myself another figure, took my trusted dremel 


and got rid of the guitar...which wasn´t as easy as expected because it was reinforced with a little steel rod. 



I tried to remodel the parts that I had dremeled down and painted them:




It was clear that I was going to glue a Black Series T-21 blaster to her hand. I have also put a little more effort into modifying the helmet this time by painting over the black stripes in the traps and tears with some humbrol grey and I then gave it the characteristic "flame" of the Davin Felth helmet, just because I had been building so many of these helmets at the time.

The most difficult decision however was whether I should put the helmet on the doll´s head as I had previously done with the first doll... or just glue it down next to her feet?

I decided to go for the second option and here´s the finished hula doll:



It was a fun little project.

Everybody stay safe and healthy, aloha my friends:salute:

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