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swat desert captain help

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Hey guys ¿does anyone has reference pictures of the desert captain? I have a few, but, is not enough, some things make no sense.


The few images i have, contradict themselves, the weathering itself is not the same across all the pictures, i guess the final product featured on screen is what counts, but that trooper not only have very little time on screen he also appear just from the bust up, we dont get to see the entire torso or the back, not to mention the lower part of the armor, so...


can anyone help?ee596c0955b003bb2d540d54ce438431.jpg202c026e7078296c830388eebe6382a4.jpg0f2672e1efa9dff8a4f6c97922144f02.jpg9326a20d2c77f7395eac188cd78c9216.jpg9f3c2b8c3faf3f6d839a11b5ca0fc811.jpga8b568ffcf2d8247f2a68e8151750c95.jpgc47f600bc638ddc6dfd80847676f17ee.jpg


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