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2020 Legion and MEPD elections timeframe

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Legion Elections are upon us.

That's right. Everyone's favorite time of year is back again for 2020. In February, every member of the 501st has the opportunity to exercise their Imperial democratic right to choose their leaders, at both the local and the global level. You will be able to vote for Legion Commanding Officer, Garrison Commanding Officer (or Outpost Leader), and - where you are registered and active in one or more Detachments, for the respective Detachment Leaders. Eligibility for Detachment electoral processes requires an approved affiliation with the Detachment as well as an active registered account on the Detachment forum that has logged in within the past year. Where you are a member of a Squad, you would also be able to vote for the Squad Leader.

The schedule of the 2020 election is as follows:

Nominations Start:
Monday Jan 27th @ 12:01AM GMT

Nominations End and Q&A Starts:
Saturday Feb 1st @ 12:01AM GMT

Closing Statements:
Thursday Feb 6th @ 12:01AM GMT

Voting Starts:
Friday Feb 7th @ 12:01AM GMT

Voting Ends:
Wednesday Feb 12th @ 11:59PM GMT

The next five days after voting ends is reserved for transitioning between administrations. Elected candidates will take office at 12:01am GMT on Monday, February 17th.

All nominations and voting will occur in the 501st Legion Elections portal here: https://www.501st.com/elections/

Q&A for LCO will take place on the Legion Forums. Unit CO Q&A will take place on their respective Unit forums. A Unit CO/Candidates/Members may request that their Q&A take place on Legion forums or to be moderated on their unit forums by the Election Mod Team. These requests should be placed in as far in advance as possible.

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