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Door Alley - Backpack 2 (next round)

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Hi, I'm new here and I will build the Privat Door Alley Trooper with the backpack 2.

I read the other threads and talk to Knopi about the pack. 
I will go for swat with this guy.

so lets start again.


the most importing thing for me is the Radio. I search the last days to find better pictures of it and yes I found something.

this picture I found on Sandicomms and this was interesting.



and here some pics out of the movie



it looks like that the faceplate is a little bit curved and the body too.


the radio is maybe mount on a black plate (see picture no1)
the box on the top right corner, any idea wich box it is ?


so and then I talked with Trevor McKenna and
I think he build a very cool Radio, and I think it cod be the right one



TA/TB/TS/DZ - 82112

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Hello Björn and welcome to the sandpit, great to have you here mate! :salute:

You're off to a good start with all the research you have already done on the pack and kudos for going for SWAT, that's what I call enthusiasm. 

I really think Trevor's radio looks great and is the right way to go. 

As far as the box is concerned, it's difficult to say. In some shots it looks like a Brexton box, then again from a different angle, the edges seem rather sharp and not as rounded as on the Brextons. 

It seems to have some kind of lid as there's a visible lip where it's attached to the tray. 

Maybe someone else can shed more light on this. 

Looking forward to seeing your progress on #2. 

Cheers mate. 


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It always good to have a fresh pair of eyes; ones with enthusiasm and great motivation. 

Trevor’s radio look good, and the box part no one knows for certain. From my end, i could see perhaps a hole on it?? Again, not certain.

welcome Bjorn i will follow this thread with interest as this will certainly make a good research.


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Here's another photo of the radio I found in the archives



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This is awesome! Can’t wait to see this build develop. And that last pic is great reference material. Nice and clear

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thank you Crashman for this pic, very nice reference material. 
I'm just waiting that my parts arrived. the Basic Radio from Sandicomms and the Karrimor Totem Senior arrivded, now I waiting for the Seed trays and the other stuff from RWA, in the meantime im working on my Bapty.

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hi, a lot of parts arrived.

rwa-parts.jpg trevorstuff.jpggio.jpg


I spend a lot of time on this backpack and here are my impressions.

there is a red band support on this pack


and the upper seed tray has 3 ribs too (my opinion)



you see the big rib on the first picture and maybe a second one on the side view


Björn / doubledx
TA/TB/TS/DZ - 82112

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Hi Guys, here are my build

I started with the Frame, Thanks to Trevor for helping me to get a Karrimor Totem Senior.
The Frame was a little bit wiggle and i curved them to the right position, then I started the first testing with the position of the trays.


karrimor.jpg framekrum.jpg framebend1.jpg firsttest.jpg


i glued nuts into the bottles, sanded them and paint them, for the upper bottle I cut little holes into the bottle for the screws later.
I trimmed the trays and add little service hole and sanded them, add primer and paint.

bottle-nuts.jpg bottlepaint.jpg upperbottledone.jpg

box12primer.jpg box1-paintdone.jpg


Thank you to Vincent for the alternative bottle, I started to cut out the inner bottle, after that I sanded all, add primer and paint to it.

newbootle.jpg bottlecutoff.jpg giopaint2.jpg giopaint.jpg


The Radio from Sandie Comms arrived and I build the filter case, but I'm not happy with it, I started to build a new one.

sandicomms.jpg firstfilter.jpg box2test.jpg box2test1.jpg


the new case I build out of 2mm black ABS is much better I think, same length but I changed the width and high.

newfilterbox.jpg filterboxpaint.jpg filtermount.jpg filterdone.jpg


for the upper right box, I used a ABS-Box with a Tupperware lip, found on Ebay

tupperbox.jpg tupperbox2.jpg boxlip.jpg


time for a new test (you see the old filter case), I marked the new position of the top bar, bend the frame to the new position and cut the frame, add some holes for the new top bar, add primer and paint.

alltest.jpg framebend.jpg newbartest.jpg frameprimer.jpg framecut.jpg framepaintdone.jpg


next test assembling 

test-fitting1.jpg test-fitting-2.jpg testfitting-3.jpg


that's my current status on this WIP, more pics to come.

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I love it when a pack comes to life! :)

Great work Björn. 

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hey, some more progress . . . . 

i ordered some samples to find a good alternative to the original, after I received my order, I sewed the red support



the syphon was the hardest part for me to get it together, some areas very thin and cracks fast.
after I glued all together and later I saw that I glued the thread area wrong together. no problme
I cut all of and fire up my 3d printer. next step is to sand the syphon and add paint



the original straps 

after I used Rit Dyemore

but I had to change the foam, the old foam was after changing the paint not usable


new fitting . . . . .







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You are making good progress my friend... Great slippers too!;)

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