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Hausi´s DA 1mm HDPE "Look sir, droids" helmet

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Hi everyone,

Andy from DA /shed of glittering delight did a small run of 1mm HDPE helmets and the detail on them looked pretty sharp so I bought one as a fun project. My initial goal was to throw this one together as quickly as possible not emulating any specific helmet, just for the fun of it as I love building helmets. So in about 2 hours I had it trimmed and assembled.

But then I realised that it somehow reminded me of the "Look sir, droids" helmet and I put it aside to get to work on it at a later point again. So it sat there with a skateboard helmet sticker on it.


about half a year later I started work on it again, studying reference pics and realising that there had to be a few changes to be made, so I adjusted the allignment, reworked the ears and filled up that one tooth hole which I had cut out a little too hastily with bondo.

This being said, I have to say that I think that this helmet isn´t the ideal choice to emulate the "Look sir, droids" helmet. Andy has obviously reworked his molds since, but with this one, the faceplate´s sides are too short which is why the distance between the ears and the tears is too small. Also the bottom of the helmet (cap and back) doesn´t have the right shape/curve to it. Furthermore is the bottom of the faceplate all wrinkled up so I had to cut that off as well.

As I still have a very accurate Anon Stormtrooper helmet here, I consider this one as practise. 

Being only 1mm, it is also quite soft and probably wouldn´t withstand the stress of trooping. Don´t get me wrong here, as all HDPE material, it´s almost indestructible but it´s just very easy to push the dome inwards and the paint would just start chipping.

For the paintchips I used Vallejo masking fluid, which is colored so you can still see it, way better that the colorless Revell color stop I´ve been using before.



I rather went for the as-seen-on-screen-look with the rather low brow:


In some of these pics that were taken at a later date, the weathering has mostly gone and the brow has obviously slipped up, revealing the chipped paint underneath.



I also tried to emulate those paint chips so they seem smaller as if the chipping hadn´t progressed so far.

Here´s what it looked like after applying the white paint. I also had already started painting the black details.


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Here are some comparison pics, my helmet always first followed by the real one.






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3 minutes ago, CableGuy said:

Truly excellent work, Urs. :-)

Thanks you very much Daniel! :salute:

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Emulating the overlap of the bottom s-trim was quite difficult and I don´t think I got it quite right.



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here you can see that my neck opening is a little too wide as the DA helmet doesn´t match the shape and curves of the original.

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Gorgeous! I love it!  :wub:


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Thank you Roger:salute:

Weathering done... and here it is.

with this indoor shot taken yesterday evening, the wash with Vallejo earts is still missing as I applied it today but because of the lighting, the details are clearer to see:


Today I took some outdoor shots in the morning, trying to recreate the lighting of the movie with the sun/light coming from the left side:


here´s the original helmet in the movie:


I finally added the lense foil and took some more pics from all sides:





I can already say that I´m not completely happy with the flame detail on the forehead as it is slighly too small and a little too far left. 

I´m going to improve this on my next helmet.

Cheers mates.

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Fantastic work Hausi, really really well done.  The outdoor shots are great 

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