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My 3D printed RT-97c

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I recently received this project in to finish for a friend of mine but long story short it will now stay with me.

The print is from 3dpropsNL and it had taken me about 4 weeks from start to finish. I did a heap of research on the real items like the MG-15, single point scope, Tabby Type F & the No.32 scope, to make sure the finish was authentic. I found a heap of great info on the forums here so thank you to all the people that have posted pics of the real parts. I have added a number of pieces to add to the realism without taking away the Star Wars feel such as a ton of small screws & the red lenses to the scopes. 

This was a labour of love and I really enjoyed the build. I now have an E-11, DLT-19 & RT-97c. Next on the list is a T-21 but I have to acquire that first. Let me know what you think.




















I have trooped with this last night as well. Awkward but was worth it, got some great comments and really enjoyed the look



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This looks great, you did a terrific job on the paint finish, looks very realistic. :salute:

It still looks a little too clean for my liking, I think I would dirty it up a little, maybe give it a wash with some sand/earth color. Then again I can understand if you choose not to, as it looks so nice the way it is. 

What you should do though is add some rubber U-trim to your acrylic stand so the paintjob isn't damaged when displayed. 

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Absolutely great paint job!!

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Holy moly! That is THE best replica I’ve seen so far!

I can only echo...you did a stunning paint job!
Would you mind sharing what colors you used and how you did it?

I’m considering repainting my Hyperfirm for years now but always delayed it for other projects and because I wasn’t sure I could actually tackle it! But that makes me want to start right now! :wub:


 I guess this might become the benchmark now... :duim: 

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Very good paint job; very realistic. I join the request for information on the paintings used.
The effects of wear are very well achieved.
I am still finishing the construction of mine, a hybrid between PVC, Forex and 3D printed parts.
I see that the 3dpropsNL kit includes the rubber part of the snooper scope ... What luck, I will have to make one, as well as the transparent one of the "Single Point".
Work like this inspires us; thanks.

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I am very humbled by the great comments from you guys here, thank you very much. 

@Hausi, I also agree that it probably does need a little more weathering but I am struggling as I love the look in person. No brand new but not to beat up, how I would keep it as a Sandtrooper anyways. Good idea on the U-trim though, I have some left over and will do that.

@RoCKo& @sand_fox_trooperSo the paint I used was 

  • Spray putty/Filler primer in a rattle can (any brand will work here)
  • Metal under layer was SMS model paints. Its a Local Aussie brand but it's moving world wide. The metallic's are second to none and really give a realistic look. I used the Stainless Steel and Gunmetal out of the bottle, plus mixed up custom shades using both those colours as well as gold & clear orange. 
  • VEbUV4.jpg
  • The receiver was Vallejo acrylic paints, base coat burnt umber, then stippling of various brown,grey & black shades before finishing in gloss clear in a rattle can (rustoleum) to give a Bakelite look
  • The main MG15, once all metallic's were applied, was then sprayed in Black from Vallejo before being chipped by hand with a tooth pick then sprayed in Satin Gloss clear in a rattle can (rustoleum) 
  • The Hand grip is in Vallejo acrylics, Wood colour, then stippled burnt umber and covered in SMS Gloss mixed with flat clear for a different shine. 
  • The Tabby & No.32 was coated in SMS Brass & Custom steel colours colours made by me before again being covered in Vallejo Black and scratched. I also thinned out the Black for the Brass sections so I could have more show though rather than it being a solid colour. Again Satin gloss clear to finish from the rattle can 
  • The single point is a base layer of rattle can (rustoleum) matt black, then a thinned layer of Vallejo black, then corn flour applied with a strainer while the paint is wet, then a second un-thinned layer of Vallejo Black once the flour was dry. 
  • All scope rails etc we all coated in SMS metallic custom colours made by me, then over sprayed in SMS clear black to give a more gun blue effect.
  • Finally all exposed metallic's then had a wash applied of first a Grey/black/dark green, then a Black. Then pigments were used on the mag and hose to *** some weathering 

I did do a complete build thread for this one on my local garrison forum for the guys and girls to follow along. Would you guys like me to transfer this over here to the MEPD?

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Perfect, thanks a lot! I will surely try some of your techniques when redoing mine!

please feel free to cross post your build thread here, I’m sure there are lots of people not so trained in painting and building techniques who will definitely enjoy reading it!

Don’t forget progress pictures...I LOVE pictures!     :peace:

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Thank you very much for explaining your painting process

 I have not used Scale ModellersSupply SMS and Rustoleum paints; Vallejo Spanish paintings are more familiar to me.
The finish of the handle and the bakelite piece, the best.
I would love to be able to read your garrison's forum information.

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Thanks guys, over the weekend I will start to cross post my build thread over here so you guys can have a look at the process

I have also just acquired a 3d print of a T-21 which I am picking up today, looking forward to that! 


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16 hours ago, sand_fox_trooper said:

Very kind Rocko;
I wanted to try thermoforming the piece in HIPS, but I doubt that it will also look like the originals, so it is worth buying.

Welcome, mate!  :salute:

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