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project Mimban trooper

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Hola , soy Jose Luis aka Leonidas TK3563. integrante del squad de la spanish garrison.
Pertenezco a la Legion 501st desde 2006 y tengo una vieja armadura FX.
Desde que disfrute de la pelicula SOLO , tengo interes en hacer una armadura de Mimban Trooper.
Sabiendo que necesita serias modificaciones ¿puede ser posible? 
Ya que  la armadura es simetrica y modificarla me lo planteo como un reto.
¿Veis posible transformar la FX hasta llegar a conseguir el alta como Mimban trooper?
Se que un casco Black series de stormtrooper R1 , con las modificaciones suficientes , puede ser valido para el alta.
Quiero contar con vuestra ayuda, experiencia  y consejos.

Hi, I'm Jose Luis aka Leonidas TK3563.  Cierzo Squad member of the Spanish Garrison.
 I belong to the 501st Legion since 2006 and I have an old FX armor.
Since I enjoyed the movie SOLO , I have an interest in making a Mimban Trooper armor.
Knowing that it needs serious modifications, can it be possible?
Since the armor is symmetrical and modify it I consider it as a challenge.
Do you see it possible to transform the FX to get accepted as Mimban trooper?
I know that a Black series helmet of stormtrooper R1, with sufficient modifications, can be valid for registration.
I want to have your help, experience and tips

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Hi Jose

I don't know the armour very well so hopefully some of our few mimbans can jump in.

Do you have any pictures of the FX that may help them?

Good luck either way

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I’m not overly familiar with FX armour specifically, but to answer whether OT armour can be converted to Rogue One / Solo armour? The answer is yes, in theory.

However, it would be a big undertaking.  A lot of pieces would need modifying and some parts built from scratch. 

Walt (from Walt’s Trooper Factory) was of the opinion that the only OT part that could be used is the butt plate.

Have a look at the crl and compare to your armour and it should give you an idea of what the differences are.

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The difference between the R1/Solo TK and then OT TKs is pretty massive.
The body construction is totally different, the 'trim strip' detailing on the arms and legs is different, the bucket is different, the ab section, cod section, belt, chest, back and kidney plates are all NOTICEABLY different

Not only in details but in the way they are cut and the way they fit together.

COULD it, in theory, be done?  Maybe. But you'd spend more time on it than is possibly worth doing. You'd be better off with an R1 kit. The money you spend trying to convert the FX will likely exceed the cost of a new kit.


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 Muchas gracias por contestar. En realidad voy a seguir vuestros consejos y conseguir piezas de armadura  TK R1

Thank you very much for answering. I'm really going to follow your advice and get pieces of TK R1 armor



star-wars-stormtrooper-fx-armor-kit-prop_1_e53b4a1547c492b4bebd790de2aae9f1 (2).jpg

star-wars-stormtrooper-fx-armor-kit-prop_1_e53b4a1547c492b4bebd790de2aae9f1 (1).jpg


WhatsApp Image 2017-12-22 at 21.12.37.jpeg

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