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Yeah mates, I finally have those droids!

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I have already built an R2 Dome to carry it around as a trophy but as it is quite heavy and a little unwieldy, I decided to use it as something else, so after my wife had given her okay to use it as a living room lamp, up it went.:peace:



Now I needed the golden boy too and I was lucky to buy a StarBuckCylon vacuformed helmet kit from a friend and after it had been sitting in my cellar for almost a year, I finally started working on it. Trimming came first, that part I´m familiar with.

The so-called horseshoe made of resin was a little deformed, so I put it in the oven to get it straight again.




So this is what Anthony Daniels probably felt like:sweat::


The eyes are made of yellow resin as is the detail that goes in the back of the head and it was a pain to get these parts to fit. 





The horseshoe was glued into the back with E6000.


"Alas, poor C3PO";)


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I then used putty and finally sprayfiller and after a lot of sanding it looked like this:



I came up with the following construction to carry it around as I didn´t want to go the route most Jawas go with carrying the head around in a net, so I added a neck piece made from some PVC tubing and added cables and stuff to make it look as if the head had freshly been ripped off. I also have a steel tube to hold it.





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After doing a lot of research on the RPF about the issue of what color to use to paint that head, I decided to give Plastikoat brilliant gold metallic a try and I am extremely happy with the result.


It might not be extremely abrasion resistant but it holds on well and also survived the weathering process easily which is a good sign. 

As you see, I´m doing a battered up Tatooine version anyway (no throne room finish here:sweat:) and also decided to have the right eye hanging out of the socket. Gnarly stuff.

Anyhow, here´s what it looked like before I started weathering it with water down black acrylic paint:





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And then came the dirt...weathering. Didn´t want to overdo it but I tend to making everything extremely dirty...

I´ve also made a stand for it so it can easily be slid onto that to display it.





If not on the stand, my friend Markus "tiny" Zeitvogel has provided an ultra-accurate cloth he uses for his "SWAT-Jawas" (they are truly screenaccurate) to rest it on.


and so it ended up on the shelf in my office... next to that sneaky guy.






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Finally I wanted to lean back to read a good book and I found this pic of the screen-used RotJ head:


couldn´t identify the corrugated tube on the popped eye when I studies the screen grabs but had to add it:


I  call it done for now. 

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bro that looks awesome!super nice work there!

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Why I am not surprised by this. You are too much bro! Stop being so awesome and share the wealth with others.  :peace:

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