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11B30B4’s ROTD Build Pack and Armor

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Good morning all, I have previously built a level 3 ROTK (Jimmiroquai) and have been fairly active on FISD with the ROTK community.






I have also built the Jedha Crystal Patrol pack.






Additionally, I have built a RO T-21.






For this TD build, I have already modified the Black Series ROTK helmet.






Currently, I am working on the Type 4 Sandtrooper pack and another RO armor kit, this one from 850AW.




My intention is to get this kit approved for MEPD. I really like Yoshix’s build and have decided to make the pack from scratch. I will be 3D printing most of the parts and using PVC foam boards for the boxes. I have already started printing some of the parts and one of the parts did not printed well because I did not print it with enough detail. The part in question is the square greeble (yellow circle) in this picture.




So, I think this part is actually a North Bridge South Bridge Aluminum Heat Sink like this:




And I think the two greebles circled in red are also heat sinks. As for the remainder of the parts, I have not spent a lot of time tracking them down. Like I said, I will be 3D printing most of them and using the few reference pics to make them to scale as close as I can. I usually share all my 3D models on thingiverse for free; however, for this build I will most likely not share the files. I do not want to step on CrookKnight’s hard work and business. Besides, I am sure his models are better than mine since I am doing everything in tinkercad and not a “real” cad program. Anyway, more to come in the next few weeks and months.


I am excited to finally get to this build going, so this is my initial post.

Thanks for the interest.

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Curious to hear your thoughts and critique of the 850AW R1TK kit. Looking forward to seeing more of the build.

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Chopper, thank you and I am looking forward to working with the 850AW kit. Just from my initial inspection, the kit looks to be of good quality. More to come on it in the future.


OK, over the past few weeks I have been finalizing all my 3D models and scale drawings. As I said before, I will not be sharing the models so please do not ask. I will, however, share my scale drawing. Keep in mind its not 100% verified yet but so far everything is lining up well.


So how did I come up with all the data to develop 3D models and a scale drawing. I had 2 sources. First there is the picture on p.133 in the Rogue One Ultimate Visual Guide By Pablo Hidalgo. Honestly, there are not a lot of sources out there that I was able to locate. Second, there is Yoshix’s build. Yosh used two items in his build that allowed me to develop some basic scaling. First, he used CDs for the plunger baffles which are 120mm in diameter. Further, Yosh used a Ryobi #20 FSC wood biscuits jar in his build. Based on the known sizes of these two items I was able to able to extrapolate most of the pack’s details. Additionally, I discovered the North Bridge South Bridge Aluminum Heat Sink and used it as a third reference.




In addition to these references, I also wanted to streamline the build and avoid 3D printing some fo the structural stuff if I could. For the Antennas longest thick section I used a piece of 2” Sch. 40 PVC pipe. For the shaft of the antenna top I used a 1” thin wall PVC pipe and the antenna top is a white plastic coat hanger that was roughly 10mm in diameter. I scaled all my 3D models for these dimensions and printed out all the antenna parts first.




Around this time, I located a piece of acrylic pipe I had laying around. This pipe was about 81mm in diameter and thin walled. It was perfect for the two-white tube greebles. I know on other versions of the Sandtrooper packs people have used hand wipe containers for similar greebles, but I wanted something a bit more rigid. I scaled the end caps to fit this pipe and printed them as well. 


Next, I sanded all the parts and pipes with 150 grit then 220 grit sand paper. I used super (CA glue to assemble most of this stuff and filled any gaps with superglue and baking soda then sanded again.








Once it was all glued and sanded and test fit, I applied a layer of primer.




The 3D printing process is quite time consuming. For example, all 4 of the end caps for the white tube greebles, it took 1 day 8 hours and 34 minutes. I am printing everything at 0.10 detail on my Prusa I3Mk3. I could print the parts in a shorter time frame, but the detail would suffer and add more post printing sanding. I have started sanding the box detail and here is a picture of the 3D model of the greeble that I replaced with the heat sink. As you can see, even with that level of detail the print did not turn out very well. I am glad I discovered the heat sinks. I ordered a pack of 5 of them from Amazon for $9.59. You should also be able to see that the heat sinks have two mounting points on them. I cut these off and sanded the sides flush.




Here is a test fit of them on one of the boxes.




So, I have a good bit of printing and sanding to go, and I want to have all the parts done before I cut out the large boxes to hose everything. I will attempt to upload the pdf of the scale drawing in this post.


Thanks for the interest.




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Update 10/17/2019

So sanding and sanding and more sanding.


I printed the two smaller heat sinks and risers, the shake weight thing and the grenade mounts.




Here are the heat sinks mounted and sanded. Since all the source pictures are of such low quality its hard to actually determine exactly how many fins these heat sinks have. Five is what I have seen in others builds so that is what I went with. I was unable to find an exact match of an actual heat sink so either the five fins is incorrect, or I was unable to locate the actual greeble, or they manufactured these from scratch for the screen used prop. I do not believe they would manufacture them since almost everything used in Rogue One was modified existing stuff but who really knows?




Here are some greebles primed. The tall stand is the mount for the shake weight thing. This should raise it to sit flush with the white tube thing. I love how ambiguous I am being with describing the various parts of the backpack, not.




Here is the shake weight assembled and primed.




Test fit of the four box greebles. I am thinking I will figure out how tall they need to be and build mounts for them out of Sentra. Next, I will paint them separately then assemble them.




Another pic of parts drying. The plunger top and bottom have been sanded and the bottom jar has been test fitted. For my jar I am not using the Ryobi jar that Yoshix used, rather a different jar that was a bit tall so I cut off the bottom and am 3D printing a new bottom that will be applied to it. The black sharpie lines on the domes are used as references for sanding to make sure I sand the entire part. Start on one sides of the line and work my way around till I get to the line again. Like I said before I start with 150 grit then do it again with 220.




And that is everything so far. Thanks for the interest.

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Update, 10-18-2019


I am hoping to make some serious progress this weekend. Last night I started some painting and worked on a few parts.


First, I painted the two white tube things (I believe one is called a miniature vaporator condensation bulb). These will be weathered as well as everything else once they are all test fitted in the field pack.




Next, I painted the antenna assembly black.






Next, I glued the bottom of the bottle and mounted the bottle in the plunger dome.




Next, I painted the three white greebles and primed the two heat sinks.




Next, I sanded and assembled the two grenades.




Lastly, the final print (the baffle section of the plunger) is printing and should be done today.




And that is where I am. Thanks for the interest.

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