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TD-82214 Tour of Duty (3 Arrests)

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Johnson City Cardinals Star Wars Night
Johnson City, TN

My first troop as a Sandy!
I have been trooping as a standard TK for the past year, but finally made the leap to the Dirt Side. It's pretty hilarious to me having been on the other side to now hear "yeah, the dirty one" or "why's he dirty mommy?"
It was a great troop with a good turnout. We were joined by the Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs and The Dark Empire to round out our roster of characters. Everybody had fun, crowd and troops alike.




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The first arrest is always a thing to remember, looking good trooper! :salute:

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Two troops in one day!

Troop #1 12-7-19
Asheville Comic Con
Asheville, NC

I'm taking a break from my Death Trooper kit for a bit. Back in the Sandy!
Fun day trooping with the Carolina Garrison. The guys are great and always make out-of-Garrison troopers feel at home.
3owfus.jpg wTqtOg.jpg Iq0p35.jpg


Troop #2 12-7-19
Elizabethton Christmas Parade
Elizabethton, TN

Into another state for another event!
The Elizabethton Christmas Parade is an event we do every year and is one of the most fun. The crowd was large and enthusiastic to see so many Star Wars characters in one place!

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