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TheRascalKing's Mimban Trooper Build Thread

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Hey party people, Justin "TheRascalKing" R. here. My Anovos ANH-S TK is starting to show some wear and tear after 2 years of trooping in it pretty frequently, and I've decided that it's finally time to start moving towards retiring it. That being said, I'm a stormtrooper through and through (Centurion #396, TK Mentor for SCG, working towards Armorer), so I knew I had to replace it with something else white and shiny. Anyways, that suit is likely going to be shelved until I decide what I want to do with it, but after seeing so many of what I've heard called "Anthology" troopers on set (not just Rogue One anymore!), I decided that was what I wanted to build. When I found out there are currently maybe a dozen approved in the world, that cemented it. It definitely seems like the direction that LFL is going with any depictions of OT-era TKs moving forward. ANH-S is dead, long live R1/Anthology! haha

After some research, (at time of writing) it looks like Jim Tripon ("Jimmiroquai") from the Philippines' kit is the only one currently available (aware of 850AW soon at least). But I liked the idea of flexible fiberglass and I was very impressed with some of his Praetorian Guard suits that SCG members have. Plus, it looked most similar to the material used for the suits I saw when on set (recycled from R1 and Solo). I already knew shipping from the Philippines was expensive and group buys were the way to go, so I started reaching out to others in my Garrison to see if we could get something going. Turns out another member was already starting to do the same and we were able to get together a group buy of at least 7 8 suits! With any luck, we're going to nearly double the number of approved Anthology troopers, form our own fire team, and our goal is to have them ready for the premier and/or season two of filming for... "an upcoming LFL television production" if they need us again. Just in case  ;) 

I think before I have the whole kit professionally painted in the near future, I will probably just plasti-dip it white and weather it up! Jim already includes a free blast shield, so I'd just need a cape and some "mud", right?

Excited to get started and I'll post more soon! Thanks for the interest and keep checking back!



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