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Hello brothers! Long time...

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Hey everyone... How are you doing?
It's been a while, or more than a while, since I logged in for the last time. 
Just came back to pay a visit to the old MEPD and Im glad to see that everything seems to be up and running as usual.

I don't think I will be able to come back for good and be as active as I used to, but hope to be able to log in more often than these past  years, is that right? Years?

Anyway... just wanted to say hello and see who was still here. Old faces... and new faces.



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Juan, i Love to see the good old bunch back here again!

Man, time flies, huh? Welcome back, bro!    :salute:

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Hey there brother!! How are you RoCKo, my old friend.
Yeah, its good to see new faces here, but man I love seeing old timers... It's been a while. Time flies indeed.

I am old now, demanding job and an 8yo daughter! I remember when I announced here she was coming.

I am no longer able to log in for several hours everyday as I used to, and I feel that what was once a TD encyclopedia inside my head is now outdated. Feels like Encarta in the times of Wiki. LOL!

Anyway, I am a Sandtrooper... in and out of the forum or armor! thats for sure.

Glad you stopped by and said Hi!
Was wondering why from almost a couple hundred visits to this thread, I only had one reply! (Thx as well Steve!!)

Anyway, happy to be here every once in a while!


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