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Muddy Mimban from Australia

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So I thought I’d do a build thread on the Mimban TK. I’ve started with the bucket, got some FOTK boots on order, and received the plash from mother Russia. I’ve got 6 approved suits already, so I entered this build a little hesitant; I don’t need any more costumes but that little voice in my head... ‘ that bucket with the shield is so nice..’
So here goes..
After about three layers of acrylics; grimy base, sandy mud, greyer over mud..

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Under different lighting ..







This pic has an additional layer of lighter ‘grey splatter mud’ with some thickener and actual dirt mixed in for effect... lens reinstalled as well


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The bucket is a black series lid, which seems to be the current standard, except Jim’s bucket which also looks great. The shield is an Empire 3D model and print (thanks Nic). The challenge being to get the mud looking right. The best reference under ‘normal’ lights I found is this..




photo credit not mine. From the lucasfilm bucket you can make out some of the composite colours that make up the overall mud effect. The issue I have with really dark weathering is that under most lighting conditions the costume will look dark, very contrasty and the details disappear especially in photographs. I noticed the anovos interpretation is much more monotone grey and lighter overall.




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