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*in progress* TD41873 Requesting Deployment

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Thank you Grunt, owe ya one.....

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5 hours ago, jelliott said:

Thank you Grunt, owe ya one.....

You're welcome brother.

Now get deployed asap! :salute:

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Hi Jason,

a few pictures are still missing:

-One full armor, helmet on, back photo.

-One full armor, helmet on, back photo without backpack.

-A close up photo clearly showing the flat green lenses.

-Detail photos of blue tube stripes.


-One (or several) full body action (or attitude poses) good quality picture.


I will start your review asap,

Thanks, Bigwam.

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Thank you for your patience and I look forward to joining the ranks of my fellow MEPD officers.

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Hello Jason,

welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming an MEPD deployed officer! I see, you´re a really dirty boy!

Now it´s time to start your review, so let´s go:


Application Review

Name: Jason Elliott

Legion ID: 41873

Forum Name: jelliott

Garrison: Sothern California Garrison



a. Green lenses: check

b. Paint color of traps / tears: check

c. Correct number of teeth: check

d. Mic tips: check

e. Vocoder color: check

f. Tube stripes: check

g. Rank bar on ears: check

h. Brow: check

i. Side screws (ears): check

j. Weathering: check

k. no mesh: look at the comments

Comments: since 17/1/19, there are new PO-CRL´s - one point is: a mesh behind the frown is not allowed. There is no mesh in the movie helmets - so, we will be accurate

*additional comments*


- pending -


Armor details

a. Elastic straps shoulders: see comments

b. Neck seal: check

c. Black undersuit: check

d. Shoulder bells: check

e. Biceps: check

f. Forearms: see comments

g. Pauldron: check

h. Chest / back plate: check

i. Kidney / butt plate: check 

j. Ab plate / side rivets / cod: check

k. Strapping system: check

l. Thighs: see comments

m. shins / calves: see comments

n. sniper plate: check

o. boots: check

p. gloves: check

q. hand plates / guards: check

r. ammo belt (waist): check

s. ammo belt (right knee): see comments

t. canvas belt: check

u. pouches: see comments

v. weathering: check


- the snap on the shoulder strap must be sewn


- Is it possible to slightly reduce the diameter of the forearms? The diameter is very big. You can see it on the "back picture".


- the coverstripes are a bit to wide. Normal width is 2cm - 2,5 cm. If it is possible, please reduce it.

- The neckline at the knees is already very large. Neckline is ok but not overly big.


- please fill the hole from the rivet

- no frensh pouches are allowed for PO. Is there the sound in it?



- pending -




a. details: see comments

b. weathering: check


- what is the color of your pack? The blue looks very bright. The preffered Color is battle-ship grey or gry-blue, like RAL 7031.

- what happened to your radio? Was there a dewback on it? I would also revise it ... correct seams on the side, Antenna ...



- pending -




a. details: see comments

b. weathering: check

Since 1/17/19 - no hasbro blasters are allowed for PO. Your RT-C is absolutely great - use this for your PO.


check and cleared if the RTC is used!


Jason, this was your first review. Head up, it's not that bad. In Level 2, we want to get a bit closer to the original movie than in Level 1. That means under some circumstances, change something on the armor again and improve something. Excellent I find the tapes on the shins. Actually, something for Level 3 but I think it's great. I know, there is still some work to be done, but nothing is impossible. Everyone can do basic. Level 2 is a big step, but worth it. You can expect the rank of a police officer, with armor that stands out from the others with more accuracy. And that's what we want, to keep our armor as accurate as possible.  I hope I can welcome you to the second review soon!

Best Regards,


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Backpack color is "Lake Blue", it was acquired from either current or former EX-O Michael Leo Ramirez, and was already approved.

*Unfortunately with time and the heat here in the desert the radio has become a bit tweaked.


The thigh and bicep were adjusted for comfort and can be repositioned, no problem.  


I also have a Bapty E-11, will add those photos.


I had planned on using the pouch for a Bluetooth speaker, *still in is progress, but easily removed.


will resend pics with adjustments ASAP

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Good morning,

I checked, “lake blue“ can still be accepted.

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My goal is to get to you everything you need done if possible by the end of the weekend, Michael Leo Ramirez was my mentor with this build and we built it with the specifications and goal to be deployed with MEPD

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I like the paintjob of the helmet and the ears are also top notch :)I

 also would change the gio style bottle against a real gio style bottle or a replica bottle with the right shape.

Keep on target


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