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Tunisian Bapty 2.0 - time for an upgrade

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Hey my fellow dirty dudes:salute:

after seeing my fellow deployment officer Thomas´new Doopy build, I was so in for an upgrade of my own modded Doopy build.

Here´s what it looked like at the beginning, it was indeed my very first E-11 build... and definitely a lot of room for improvement.


Wasn´t very happy with the paintjob on the scope so I made a new one:


But in the last weeks I completely reworked the whole blaster... wasn´t very easy to take it apart and sand it down.


made a new trigger guard and scoperail:


and added a lot of small details:



also remodelled the backpart to emulate the original cast aluminum back with those seams:


So the back was spraypainted in a silver colour while the rest of the blaster was spraypainted with a gunmetal and a light coat of chocolate brown and black. I then masked off certain areas to give it that used look with paintchips. Finally I gave it a new paintjob using the same wrinkle spray paint Thomas has already used in his build. I also added the wire wrapped in red cloth on the power cylinders.

The counter is a real vintage Hengstler but has a plastic box at the front on which I have cut out the square in the middle. The mag is real too... with real wood!:peace:

The cartridge ejection is made of metal bend and cut into shape... because only painting it silver wasn´t enough anymore.

As I really want this to be the blaster of the Move Along Captain, I have also added the little greeblie on top of the scope... although I think that there might even be two of those greeblies according to the following picture. Let me now what you think.


And here it is:











And here´s a comparison shot between the Doopy and my real Sterling heavy metal build:



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Waaayyyy better! Great update, Urs!   :duim:


I’m personally am no big fan of the major paint chips but more of the subtle scratches and dimples but that’s just my personal flavor! Beside my personal taste on this behalf the Blaster looks really great!

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Great work, Urs!!

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