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A Tale of Two Blasters (Fieldmarshall & DD) Henselmonster Build

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I just picked up on of Fieldmarshall's new all aluminum blaster kits. This is a thing of beauty. Since I'm building my new Bapty out of this kit I have some (a lot) of parts left over. Luckily I just so happen to have an unfinished Doopy kit so I will be using my unused parts from the FM kit on the DD kit. 

First up, the Tunisian "Bapty" E-11 (Sandtrooper Blaster) 


I got these wonderful cast aluminum parts from @bigwam. The grip and rear end of the blaster will be solid aluminum. Need to do some finishing work on these but I am so excited to have a Bapty made with real cast metal parts. 

To go along with it I have a real magazine. A great replica Hengstler (courtesy of Field Marshal again). A real Sterling folding stock. and a real 1942 M38 scope. 




Got a lot of mods ahead of me on this one. But I'm excited to have a fully metal Bapty build. Hard to get in the states without re assembling a cut up Sterling. 


Next up, the standard E-11


This is a blend of the rest of the Fieldmarshall parts and the Doopy kit. 

As much as I would like to, I doubt ill be able to get the bolt to fit in this thing sadly, same with the barrel, so I will probably be selling those parts off. Keep an eye out if interested. 

I am super impressed by the kit. It is super fun to put these parts together, the folding stock and grip/trigger were so much fun to build. The grip details are insane. And it came with switches and whatnot to put electronics in it. 



This second kit should pull together much faster than the Bapty. But this will probably be my new main trooping blaster. The Bapty will be on display in my Sandy shrine lol. 

I'm excited to start these builds fast so I can get to my favorite part, the weathering. 

Thanks to Fieldmarshall for such a cool kit, sorry I'm splitting it up, I know some are probably thinking I'm crazy of doing it this way, but Sandy's are my first love and I'm going to uber accurate on that blaster. 

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Hey John, I don't think you're crazy, I can completely understand you mate! :yes:

Go for it and have fun, looking forward to seeing pics of your progress. 

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I demand FULL coverage of both of the builds!  lol ... share the build mate:duim:

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i thing this thing is going to be realy awsome! is it ok to ask, how much this this beaty is?



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