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MY Pack #2 build

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Hey everybody,

this is how i made my Pack #2 for SWAT

first a few of my references:




There are a few details on Pack #2 we found in the references, there are so many things they are looking different to the other packs.

 so now up to the build ;)

first the frame:



I use a car filter to build my filter box. First i had to modify the filter because it was to big in shape, so i cut it and glued it back too a smaler version.



The face plate of my radio...


Conection box for the tube. there are the screw covers still missing


The next little detail which is different tho the other ones... the end of the bottle


Details on the lab pipe... there are a little ball on the upper end . now i only have to add a little pipe peace on the half ball.



Detail on the right side of the upper tray



and the result of the full pack. lab pipe and a few little details are still missing





thanks for listening ;) i hope you enjoy!

Keep on Rocking and cheers dudes and duderinas



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Wow, very nice work Christian! You have a great eye for detail, and you really captured everything in your build!

I can't wait to see it when you're finished :duim:


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