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Hausi´s Bapty E-11 - close to the real thing

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Hi everyone,

as some of you might have already suspected, I am following in the footsteps of my friend Bigwam/Thomas and have built my own Sterling-based Bapty E-11 with the back end and grip that Thomas has casted and believe me, he and his son Martin have done such an awesome job. Those parts  just feel right !:D

I will not cover the building process as Thomas has already done that in his own thread... I am just going to show you the final product, here it is: 










The scope is a real vintage 1943 M38 scope, the Hengstler counter is also a real vintage counter with a genuine metal box. Those powercylinders are Fieldmarshall parts. Also: real wood in the mag;).

I also added a wash with some watered down Vallejo game colour Earth to emulate some sandy dust. 

And finally the picture of the holy trinity:sweat:

From top to bottom:

Doopymod Bapty with real Henstler and real mag

Imperial Warfighters´ rubber foam Bapty 

and the real deal Bapty at the bottom



Cheers mates

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It’s and absolute beauty Hausi, well done! Love the wear and tear on it and the attention to detail

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I soooo love Babty blasters, especially build with original parts!




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That's an awesome collection of E-11's you've gotten there bro'!

...and that Bapty is a thing of beauty!! :D

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