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Trooper Introduction

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Hello all MEPD, thanks for approval on my account. 

Wanted to introduce my self formally to you all. I am not sure where to post this as I am new to all forums. 

My name is James Earl Bones or just “Bones” MEPD hopeful, few adjustments being made before submitting a request for approval. 

Tattoo artist of 12 years. I have been Tatooine(tattooing lol) in the city of Lancaster in California for my entire career. A wretched hive of scum and villainy.  Perfect for troopers to keep the order of the Empire and search for droids. 

Family man, father of one and one on the way. Welder in training, and loyalist of the Empire. 

If the doors locked I will not move on to the next..


again I apologize if this is a incorrect area for an introduction but thanks for reading. Hope to troop with you soon and find those droids.




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First of all welcome to the MEPD James and hope to congratulate you soon with getting basic approval!!

Oh and I've moved your post to "the Barracks" :)


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Thanks dutchy, I appreciate it. Few adjustments I need to make before I request my first inspection following the CRL. 

Also thanks for moving it for me, wasn’t sure where to post to for my formal introduction.

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