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TD-57735 requesting deployment

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Hi im pioneer2184 and i just completed my 501st Induction yesterday. Im uploading some preliminary pictures of my kit from my original submission and some close up shots ive just taken as ive been cleaning my armour. Apologies if some are missing/not in correct order. My PC is playing up and submitting via my phone70a06f20e127f173bfac42e4c5184d85.jpg182449de4db19e67bad677cf10a79879.jpg3e3d4b4f882457090163eacfe936040e.jpg1bbb5d281e4de7c2f0c86c00112d2d61.jpgc9e66a8312cfc8c57b162494a2b3be7c.jpg0458544260f5b21cc518b9a2fdbf000c.jpgb379d5e69af4cd25be2c4a7852b225e3.jpg695da131a7c8469ab8aa647820e19f8e.jpg8c19c60a98198301b214f5e968a4e2fe.jpg


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Hi Kevin,

great that you are interested in the po-status. Before we can start the review, read this:

It is a description of what Informations and images we need. Please read this and make your presentation as prescribed.

We miss some pics and informations.

Thanks bigwam

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