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Confiscated macrobinoculars

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Hello all.


Since macrobinoculars are not cannon for us TD’s, I’ll just call these a pair of binoculars that where confiscated somewhere around mos eisley.. lol


The main body, and some it’s add ones are from a Euming electric R 8mm.



On the view finder is a foot from a shuttle craft model kit, the other piece is from the wing of a broken Kenner snowspeeder.


Can still see through the original cameras view finder, and the lens rotate to give a close up and wide view. I was happy to keep some of the original functions.


Room to work and add a light/power for a film frame later.1786f23c6f2ffd0174e3f83d869fbe09.jpg994e4e223db003364fb4584ae7b518de.jpg


What’s everyone else making for non-cannon props?..

Would be great to see.



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THAT is super cool! Adding a film frame would be a nice touch. I have a SubAssault game that will eventually get made over, but also found another "macrobinocular" type toy at the thrift store that's a working night vision. It'll get made over too, but both will be kept in working order. Nice to have lights and sounds already built in sometimes. Plus the kiddo loves to play the sub-assault.

Going to have to keep my eye open for junk 8mm. Such great potential.

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