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TD 10678 Skull Garrison

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Hi Arturo, let me help out here, to post the pictures directly in this thread, you need a picture host that allows it. I for example use flickr.com to upload my pictures. As soon as they are uploaded I have to click on the small preview picture to enlarge it, then I can click the right button on my mouse and copy it in the tread. 

I hope it works looking forward to seeing your pics here:duim:

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Hello Arturo,  thanks for your work and the new pics.

Let´s start your second Review!

Name:  Arturo Pichardo

Legion ID:   10678

Forum Name:  Arthur P.

Garrison: Skull Garrison



a. Green lenses: check

b. Paint color of traps / tears: check

c. Correct number of teeth: check

d. Mic tips: check

e. Vocoder color: check

f. Tube stripes: Please show me a detailed, sharp Picture  ONLY of your Tubestripes! Are they Handpainted?

g. Rank bar on ears: check

h. Brow: check

i. Side screws (ears). Check

j. Weathering: check

Result on helmet:

*additional comments*




Armor details

a. Elastic straps shoulders: check, but please remove the rest of the plastic straps! We are dirty, but not sloppy.

b. Neck seal: check

c. Black undersuit: check

d. Shoulder bells: check 

e. Biceps: check

f. Forearms: check

g. Pauldron: check

h. Chest / back plate: check

i. Kidney / butt plate: check 

j. Ab plate / side rivets / cod: the diameter of the six rivets on the left side is to big. The right diameter is 8mm!

k. Strapping system: check

l. Thighs: check

m. shins / calves: check

n. sniper plate: check

o. boots: check

p. gloves: check

q. hand plates / guards: check

r. ammo belt (waist): check

s. ammo belt (right knee): check

t. canvas belt: check

u. pouches: check

v. weathering: check


*additional comments*

The gap on the side is a little big.  Let´s have a look in the PO-CRL:

Armor side gaps are closed or nearly closed.

  • No more than 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) gap on either side.
  • This is done by adding a shim (or shims) of a similar type and color of material as the Abdomen and Back Armor.
  • Shims fit flush and may have seams, though ideally they will be seamless to the Abdomen and/or Back Armor, resulting in a single seam between the two rather than extra seams where the shims are joined.




First: is this your Backpack? It is completely different to the other Pack or is it borrowed? Anyway, this pack also needs to be reworked.

a. details:

- put the detail down and cut the mortar tube

- please, change the light blue color against blue-grey  (like RAL7031) color on the seedtrays and the bottles. This light-blue is not correct.


b. weathering: check


*additional comments*




a. details: Check

b. weathering: check


Checked and Cleared!


You see, there are some little things to do. Not much, but some little things to be closer to the original. I'm convinced you can do it.

Regards bigwam

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