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Weathering the pack

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So I’ll be going for the police officer after I weather  my back pack. Anyone with a #5 have some good pictures they can share with me on theirs ?

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Don't have any pictures at hand right now but i did the same as i did with my armor...

In my case i used Fullers Earth in light brown and a little bit of darker brown plus grey and hairspray...

In case your trooping with it don't handle it too carefully, this will add some natural wear and tear...


Btw. I'm more a collector than a trooping member and i have my armor and backpack on a mannequin forsome years now,

the natural dust from all those years makes it look even better...   

It's the only mannquin i don't need to clean from time to time... that's one more reason to love TD's, huh?    :peace:

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