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A Sandtrooper in the making...my WIP.

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Well, I'm not sure what was more nerve racking, painting the tube stripes and coach lines, or skipping coffee to do so. No need to send emergency crews...I'm fully caffeinated now.

So I did some testing on the tube stripes. Initially I planned to mask the top and bottom, then paint the lines and remove tape to clean them up. Didnt like the super crisp ends with wavy centers. Decided to draw them in pencil and just freehand fill them in. I think they have much more "tidy messiness" to them.



Then came my big worry...doing the coach lines on the grey. I tapped into every bit of my past hand lettering and sign making experience, which isn't a ton. BUT, I am super chuffed with the result and VERY relieved it's done without too many glaring bodges. Went ahead and did the vocoder too while I had the black paint out. QUESTION...is the vocoder supposed to be gloss or matte? I have a dullcoat if needed, but was thinking that the weathering is pretty much going to dull everything.




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