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Progress has been slow and steady, just getting a lot of small things done before approval pics are sent in.

I had a test fit the other night but wasn’t to happy with the height of the thighs but also with how they were supported so I spent a day building a custom belt/suspender system out of black webbing. Definitely  happier with both the support and the heights but will post up a pic of this later on.

While I am on the thighs I also cut out the backs of the knee’s for better mobility and finished off the weathering in this area plus added some foam to the outside half to take the pressure off.



Also added my green lenses to the bucket


and weathered my pauldron & pouches. I didn’t want to go overboard but wanted a dusty look




and finally, I am still working away on my E-11. I finished my folding stock so decided to try the hammer finish, really happy so far. Just finishing the main body now and painting some detailed parts before the hammered finish goes on


still got to add the screws on the return edge of my chest piece to simulate the brackets and then I think it’s going to be another test fit and possible submission pics if it all looks good. I would love to finish my E-11 first though but will decide when it happens

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This is looking great Jason.

I know you wanted to go dusty for your pouches and pauldron, but I wonder if you need to go a little heavier?

(it could just be my crappy ipad)

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Thanks Steve. Yeah I know what you mean bout the pouches etc but it’s hard to capture the effect with pictures. In person it’s more noticeable. I have even been told my boots aren’t dirty enough but again in person they are better. 

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