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Revolver Ocelot

Lightweight Filter pack build suggestions?

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Is tosche traders the only source for karrimor frames?

Also screen accurate radio and seed trays? Are there different size seed trays?

The dirty boy pack i have now seems undersized is why I ask.

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Not sure if he’s still selling frames or not. They pop up on eBay every once in a while 

@woodman is your best bet for radios. The TT version was a recast of that radio and is no longer available.

Woodman also has seedtrays that are very accurate, but also @ross8008 has great seed trays too along with the siphon.

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There is an issue with the radio from Tosche Traders.  They were found to have recast Woodman's radio.  They appear to have been moving away from Sandtrooper parts since.

It will take time to source all of the parts for a pack.

I believe we had a thread where  the MEPD members who cast and make their own items, were listed,  it may need to be updated though. I picked up a back pack frame that is close to the original frame. Unless you are going for SWAT - the frame you work with has to resemble screen accurate.  Which would mean tweaking it on the curve to get the angle right.

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