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Using Imgur to host pictures

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With photobucket gone people are using Flickr or imugr to upload their photos. I personally have been using imugr for years because of how easy it is to manage. For those wanting to switch over Here is a rundown of how to use it. 

First you need an account, its free, and easy to set up. Next you can upload your photo, either drag it into your browser to click the upload button on the top left of the screen. I usually upload things privately, but you can upload public or private, whichever you like (public just submits it to the feed all the imgurians look at, its open to comments and voting, I usually skip this). 

Once uploaded, you can click on your user name in the top right, then click "images"

Then you get a menu of all your uploads. Click on whichever photo you want to upload and copy  the text where it says "direct link" (not image link), then just paste it into your post. If you are using MEPD.net it will auto format it all. No html required. Not sure about tapatalk. 

You can also change the size of the image at the bottom of this screen, but MEPD.net will auto format the size. I am not sure if tapatalk does this. 



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