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In Memoriam: TD-83314

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It is with deep sorrow that we announce that one of our brothers, MEPD Police Officer TD-83314 Art Liu, from the Taiwan Garrison passed away today March 28, 2018.

Art was a pilot with Mandarin Airlines and accordingly to news report, became very ill just as his flight was about to depart. 


Art joined the 501st Legion in Auguest 2016 with TD as his primary costume. Other than being a Sandie, he is also a TI, IC, ID and SL (Darth Revan) . He was deployed as a Police Officer on Oct 17, 2016. His thread can be found here.

Art is a good friend and we trooped together on 2 occasions last year, the first ever Star Wars Run in Asia held in Singapore and Star Wars Day at Legoland in Malaysia, both took place in May 2017. He also attended Star Wars Celebration in Orlando the month before as well.

Art is an outgoing person who is a joy to be with. He brighten up the party whenever he is around.

He will be dearly missed.

Buckets off.



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I have heard a lot of nothing but good things about him from my garrison. Buckets off... 

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Our prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

He will never be forgotten... :td:

Buckets off..


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