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Out of helmet head cover/hat

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1 minute ago, Airborne Trooper said:

That's not really what's preventing a run ATM. I was briefly a merch/branding officer for my garrison before and I can tell you, it's not fun juggling multiple merch runs at the same time. I promise you, @Gordonator is doing a great job and there will be some cool stuff coming out throughout the rest of this year. I'm sure this will happen eventually.

Ah... I was only responding to several posts in different threads suggesting that we wouldn't be able to even consider a new sized patch(or other items) until the mythical merchandising freeze was over.    I totally understand workload and management.   That's an entirely different matter altogether and totally understandable.  

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10 hours ago, Fraulein said:

The one on the 501st merch  is missing the molle strip. That is what makes it look odd.

I think at this point - maybe it'd be cheaper to do a smaller patch run, and everyone slap it on the  weathered boonie hat they already have :tongue:

I think it would be more efficient to come up with a standard patch set template for the hats and let people purchase a generic hat of their choice.    Make the unofficial standard be 'boonie' and then come up with a boonie  template where there guidance is smaller shield patch (when available), TD number patch, and extra mag optional or something like that.

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