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RWA vacuformed Shires syphon

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Hey fellow dirty dudes,

I have added an RWA vacuformed Shires syphon to my pack and I love it. Thought I would share some experience here, might help people still searching for an accurate and affordable syphon.


What you get is the two halves, some coverstrips to glue them together and the top of the syphon. After trimming I wanted to start glueing and found out that the Syphon is actually made from HIPS, superglue sadly doesn´t work very well with it so I used plastic weld. To get rid of any gaps or seams I made some HIPS sludge. Being used to working with ABS sludge, this was a strange experience as the HIPS reacts differently to the acetone and takes a lot longer to melt... and a lot of stirring. 

But finally it worked and after the sludge had dried and some sanding, I spraypainted the syphon matte black






mounted on my pack, and after receiving some well deserved dirt, it now looks like this:





I have to say that it´s light, very robust and I´m absolutely happy with it.:duim:


Also used the opportunity to mess around with the wire on my radio which looked way too tidy.

Now it looks like this:



cheers mates

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2 minutes ago, Qui-Gon Joe said:

And from whence did you acquire this frustratingly difficult to find part...? 

Contact @ross8008 or find RWA creations on Facebook. Ross will help you out, he's a great guy and quick to respond. 

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