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Sandtrooper backpack parts list

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Hi all,

im am just beginning to research a pack and all the pieces seem to have a name put some I can not place where or what they are. Does any one have a pic or list of pieces and names. Lol sorry to be a lost dewback about this but I want to build it right the first time. 

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Hey Darren! No worries about asking questions. We are happy to help you out! 


There have been many different discoveries over the years for authentic or close to authentic parts for the packs. Here is a quick list


Karrimor Totem backpack frame- You can find these on eBay every once in a while. 




Seedtrays- You can get those from a number of makers, I recommend Woodman or RWA Creations 




Sonix Victory 75 Radio - Nearly impossible to find (though three have now been found in the past couple years. Pricey though) You can get good replicas. Woodman offers a cast version of an authentic radio. Sandie Comms make great replicas. You can also scratch build or 3D print one too. 




Brexton Lunch box (or tool box) - The jury is still out if these are accurate. They probably aren't exactly what the prop makers used for the original packs, but they are very very close. You can find them on eBay or etsy. 




Exhaust - Now these are typically scratch built. Or you can 3d print your own (files on Thingiverse). Crooknight sells the 3d printed versions too. 




Mushroom Caps/ Plunger - Made from a plunger. They are on amazon occasionally https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001P0F40/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_27?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A7E2FBUNXT0TG




Shires UP90 or UP100 Syphon. - Also hard to find and pricey. RS props will be selling replicas soon. RWA creations sells a shockingly detailed vaccuformed version. I would recommend that one, very light weight. You can also 3D print one or scratch build. 




Bottles - Nothing exact. Best to find something close in size. Strider used a shampoo bottle in his build. Typically these are just found parts. 




Tupperware Pitcher lid / Radar Dish - You can find these on eBay. 




Giostyle Safari 600 canteen - You can find the originals occasionally on etsy or eBay, but Lionstar makes the same thing. You can find them in the for sale section of the forum




The mortar tube is usually a 2.5" diameter abs pipe. The control panel and caps are sold by a few people. RWA Creations and other armor makers generally have them. Ask for a picture to make sure they are accurate. They are not exactly the same as Stormtrooper Thermal detonator details. 




This is just for the "Move Along" pack, there are other parts for other packs. Depending on what you want. I hope this helped! 


Be sure to check out other pack builds, especially Striders. They will be incredibly helpful in your build. Good luck and always feel free to ask questions! 





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Here is the "old school" break down by Pandatrooper. Many of these parts have been found inaccurate. We should probably re-create this with the new parts. It is a good place to learn some of the terminology that has stuck around though. 



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wow thank you,

this has been incredibly helpful


off to do more research , my first thought for my build was the  private/corporal aka: enlisted Alley / Falcon take off V1 but I have found too few reference photos of this trooper so I am still not sure which pack I will be designing. thanks again for the info I can follow build threads with a better understanding of the parts people are talking about




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That's very kind of you John. This list from John will set you off nicely Darren. 

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