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SOLO - Mimban Trooper CRL Development

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After watching solo again and again the other day, I’ve noticed that it seems like most of the Mimban troopers that actually have lines or spend significant time on screen are without the backpacks, AND without the bandoliers across the test. The two most representative of all the Mimban storm troopers being the two on top of chewy’s cage.

They just had the plash, and weapons. Heck, you couldn’t even tell if they had the ribbed undershirt. Hopefully they will all be optional accessories (ribbed shirt is option level one for Jedha Trooper, and R1 TK).

Also, I really hope the CRL is going to indicate the plash palatka is heavily distressed, and weathered black. I just couldn’t see any green in them, as hard as I looked (and for selfish reasons, I’m just eager to dye mine. I’ve had the dye pods on standby since before August).

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To assure you troops that some items are addressed correct:

This is from the CRL:



• The Poncho must be weathered, dyed black and have leather grommets. It needs to be styled after the Plash Palatka

I have stated that the pack and pauldron are optional but I have the idea that the LMO wants the Bandolier to be a part of the basic configuration.

And if you have any pictures that would be usefull for the CRL shoot them to me in a pm!

Thanks and you're patience will be rewarded eventually troops!

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Also the other configurations are more than welcome for the gallery!

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