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Posting for one of our members in San Diego. Please spread the word. 

Those who have facebook, please consider spreading the word there. Here's a link to the Imperial Sands Garrison post.


Stolen armor is on the far left.



Keep your eyes out for a set of sandtrooper armor stolen from TD-11659 on Tuesday in Clairemont!

Here is the full list of stolen gear: Full Sandtrooper kit (minus helmet) including the orange pauldron, 2 MP40 pouches, E-11 blaster, battery charger/batteries, some Dewback Ridge Garrison coins, boots, E-11 blaster holster for TK kit, ID/name tag, neck seal, gloves, nylon belt and the travel bin which had a Dewback Ridge Garrison sticker on it.

stolen kit.jpg

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I really don't get it...why steal someone else's property. Was the changing area accessible for non 501st members? 

I really do hope that it pops up and that the person who stole it gets named and shamed on the Internet.

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Most of the time armor is stolen it's because it's left in a vehicle overnight. I hope he finds it though! 

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