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HappyTrooper's Mission Journal - 50 Troops

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2 more missions chalked up:

Troop 44: March 30th, 2019: I attended a local elementary school's fundraiser carnival.  It was a beautiful day to be patrolling outside, and a wonderful turnout.  Lots of Star Wars fans here, and the kids were very well behaved.  The local fire and rescue gave me a tour of their state-of-the art ambulance.



Troop 45: April 7th, 2019: April 7th, 2019: The Empire was out in full force during Casey’s Automotive Car Show & Spring Fest. There were some magnificent cars on display, including a DeLorean WITH a flux capacitor! Over $7300 was raised by Ellie’s Hats, a local charity that assists children who are battling cancer. 




I brought R2 to the event and he found a car that he fell in love with:

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Troop 46: On Saturday, April 27th, 2019, R2 and I supported the "Arlington Bunny Hop 5K" race that benefited "Bridges to Independence" - a charity that helps lead individuals and families out of homelessness.  Over $10K was raised by the runners in this event.  It was a beautiful morning in Virginia, and the crowd was wonderful.  We hope to attend next year too.



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Finishing up 50 troops here!

Troop 47: on May 26th, 2019, our local periodical: Northern Virginia magazine, put in an official 501st request to interview and photograph a member from Garrison Tyranus.  Our CO didn't have time to meet them, so I got the call as acting squad leader in this region.  I conducted an intervew with the editor of the magazine, and also came into their office for a photoshoot.  It was a long shoot, at almost 3 hours, but the photographer really knew his stuff.  He had fog machines, various colored lights, and took some great pics.  Here is the link to the article:


and a few shots:



Troop 48: On the morning of May 4th 2019, I attended a local "May the Fourth Be With You" event at our local community center.  The county had put together a bunch of Star Wars related activities for kids, such as: crafts, Star Wars foosball, Star Wars obstacle course, Star Wars rock climbing, and to rest, a screening of ESB.



Troop 49: I attended a 2nd local event on May 4th 2019.  This was a comic con hosted at a middle school.  It was a great turnout, and John Morton, the actor who played Luke's gunner "Dak" in ESB, was there too.  AND hot off of the Northern Virginia Magazine interview, the "Voice of America" attended this event, and did a story on the 501st and May 4th, broadcast in Russian.  VoA is a US Government news agency that broadcasts news in over 40 languages.  Here's the link: 





TADA...Troop 50 as a Sandtrooper. On May 10th, 2019: I attended a local PTA fundraiser basketball game, that benefitted 2 of our area middle schools.  It was an incredible turnout.  The kids were well behaved, and it was a great way to start a Friday evening.

While I do have a few other 501st costumes, the Sandtrooper was my first, and it is my most heavily trooped in.  It took me 3 years to hit the 50 mark.

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Grats Damon, 50 is a monumental number. HUGE! Congrats! :td::salute:

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Wow - 50 troops! Great!

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