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MG-15/RT-97c Scratch Build with Templates

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Hello Sand Lovers,

LoveMonkey previously posted the video for this build, I wanted to expand on it and provide a one-stop-shop for the templates and ingredients.

I'd like to acknowledge PandaTrooper...he inspired me with his T-21 build.  It was my first scratch build, he helped me take that first step, which eventually helped me draw out some rough templates for a few other scratch builds (DLT-19, lightsaber hilts, and Fett's EE-3 ESB).  I'd also like to thank TK409.  I picked up a few pointers from his build, which can be found here: http://www.tk409.com/images/mg15/tutorial/index.html

Please check LoveMonkey's post in this forum, he made some weight improvements by using different types of pipe.  Because this blaster is made of wood, metal, and PVC, it has some weight to it.  If you are wearing a pack, this will weigh you down even more.  

I like playing dress-up and making videos, so the procedures are in video format.  Here's the video.  Please check below for some more photos and a list of raw materials.  This will give you an idea of what is required to take on this project.  If you like to build stuff, this is a fun project to tackle, and very rewarding.  Feel free to change any of the methods, materials, tools, etc.  I'm sure that you can find things to improve upon...and if you do, please share with the rest of us!


1” wood (¾” actual) for blaster handle 
click here $9
¼” wood for ammo drum mounting plate & handle grips 
click here $2
2” PVC pipe (2 feet) for body 
click here $5
2” -> 1.5” PVC reducer coupling 
click here $1
1.5” -> 1” PVC bushing 
click here $1
1” PVC pipe (2 feet) for barrel 
click here $3
½” EMT conduit 
click here $3
3” couplings x 2 for ammo drums 
click here $3
1” PVC coupling for muzzle 
click here 50 cents
Plastic sign for ammo drum covers 
click here $6
2” pvc cap fitting 
click here $2
1” Binding post screw to secure grips 
click here $1
Utility runner to cover ammo drum sides (2 feet to be safe) 
click here $5
½” diameter PVC sch 80 nipples (10”) for front scope 
click here $1
½” PVC coupling for front scope 
click here 50 cents
Shrub sprinkler head for front scope 
click here $2
#10 knob for scope greebly 
click here $3
1.5” corner braces to mount front scope 
click here $3
Rain bird 4” sprinkler for rear scope 
click here $4
½” to ⅜” hose barbs x 2 
click here $7
½” x ½” x 12” braided supply hose line 
click here $5
90 degree corner angle plates for rear scope mount 
click here $2
#8-32 1” Oval head machine screws 
click here $2
#8 finishing washers 
click here $2
#8-32 nuts 
click here $1
#6-32 x ⅜” round head machine screws and nuts for ammo drum covers ~18 
click here
#8-32 x ⅜” round head machine screws and nuts for both scope mounts click here $1
#8 1” wood screws to secure handle to 2” PVC pipe 
click here $1
#6 x ½” pan head sheet metal screws to secure 90 degree angle plate 
click here $1
¾” to 1-½” hose clamps x 3 for rear sight, and 2 on the 1” PVC pipe 
click here $4
7/16” to 29/32” hose clamp for top sight 
click here $2


Dremel or other rotary tool 
Lexan scissors
Various drill bits
Center punch (optional)
Mitre box and/or vice
Sandpaper (60, 120, 220, 400 grit)

Star Wars Pencils
Painters/Masking Tape

X-acto knife
Glass mat (optional)


E6000 adhesive
Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Flat Gray Primer
Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Flat Black Spray Paint
Varathane American Walnut stain
Varathane Polyurethane – Satin finish
Testors enamel: Brass
Testors enamel: Silver
Friction tape





I'll follow this thread, let me know if you have any questions.

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