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Sandtrooper build - feedback welcome

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Hi All,  i am currently on my second build, i ran 2 at once one TK and then ran a TD build parallel. Going through all the CRL's and points of making the Sandy just right. Thought what better place to post than on the forum where real troops are! LOL

I love the Sandtrooper as to me that was my real introduction to the Star Wars story with the troops on the ground doing the dirty work! looking at the extra effort to get the armor right with weathering is just awesome!

I will post some pics of build and process and as i get close to finish, want to go for SWAT eventually so any feedback and comments are welcomed. how does everyone post images on here, best method?

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Hey James, there's a number of options for this. Most use a photo hosting site like Imgur or Flikr.

Not much between them by all accounts so probably comes down to personal preference.

Just don't bother with Photobucket

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