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Stair Climb ( in full TD ) for LA YMCA 2017 -

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Revisiting one of the best Stair Climb events in the West Coast, I am heading to Los Angeles in less than a week to Stair Climb the 75 floor US Bank Tower in my full TD gear.  I will be climbing the tower once without armour, so I can qualify for the next World Towerrunning Race; and climb the stairs for a second time with my full Sandtrooper armour on, in the spirit of charity and community work we do as a Garrison and the Legion. 

The fundraiser I am doing here is for the YMCA Downtown LA kids and youth program. If you have some spare change or coffee money, donate to my cause on my page before September 22nd.

My target time:
14 minutes  -- No amrour
15 minutes -- With armour
4 minutes 20 seconds -- when I consume my post race burger and electrolyte drink

There is a part of this event where we have to walk 5 floors down to catch the elevator for our race exit.  I am aware of that stupid video floating around of a Rubies TK tripping over the stairs on the way down. SO here is my suggestion to the donation:

If you think I am going to make it to the top in under 15 minutes, donate $1
If you think I  can climb the tower twice, donate $3.  
If you think I can climb to the top and walk back down the stairs, donate $5.  

And if I fail completely in all three categories, blue milk is on me.

( I will also take a photo with the MEPD patch when I am on the roof top of the US Bank Tower. )

Donate now:


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