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As times of change lie ahead of us, our boards need to get a slight overhaul as well.

What's going to change.?

Well, as we are welcoming new costumes to our ranks they do need their own section on the boards for specific costume related discussions and so on.

-We will start working with "Precincts" to divide all the different costumes.

-Our current "what makes a sandtrooper" section will get a name change into "MEPD Precincts".

Here's an example for the new layout:


        ANH Sandtrooper

            - Armor

            - Field Pack

            - Blaster

            - Pouches and Pauldron

Our other Precincts will be , Jedha City and Sullust.

The expected timeline for all this will be that our webmaster will see what's possible to do on a short term basis.

The forum will experience downtime either way as we also have to update the forum software to make sure that those pesky Jawa's can't access our mainframe anymore. 

Exciting times for the MEPD!!!




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As you all have noticed the forum layout has been changed. In the subs for the Cities you can find eacher respective armor.  The initial plan was to work with precincts but that was too much work to get realised.

I hope you like it because there is more to come!!

Thanks to Daetrin for helping out!!


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Awesome to see this happening and see the new CRLs get close to being done.

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