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Invasion Colchester 2017

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The UK Garrison attended this event on Saturday 2nd September and a contingent of MEPD Officer's of the Britannia Patrol were present.


This was all in aid of raising funds for St Helenas Hospice and Colchester Hospital and a lot of money was raised.


First troop as a deployed officer since transferring from the TKs and the public really enjoyed interacting with the MEPD. A brilliant day. c910ba4f357dc719aff96a397961ce67.jpg581c3b3315084701ac907dc7592265d8.jpgbb58b209a9d35fcea83a4c74bfc01188.jpgaba543daed64fbcc8746c3c1efebc7d4.jpg695262c09f5f9b4e994dfddf4f53b7d7.jpgb0a7d6ca585d0e4dd678857863c333e0.jpg


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