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Hello all, time is right for me to post here. This will be my 2nd month coming into assembling this T21. The biggest handicap for me in doing any DIYs has always been location, location, location. I'm in this part of the world where things are not readily available. Trust me, we don't have screws, bolts, & nuts like on the outside. Thanks to template from @pandatrooper, greeblies & guidance from @spOOL68 (please don't hate me; but i still have lots of questions for you). 

First off the materials:

I have the electronics from this EE-3. I believe has a decent sound for a T-21 blaster. 


Slings: 1944 Lee Enfield repro (need 2 of them) & Lee Enfield no.4 butt sling swivel. 
This is the proper way of attaching the two together. 


My base wood colored it Java:



My base pipes: (ugly i know)


coated it silver:



Pre-installation, important stage here as i planned on installing the electronics in. Had to extend the cables as what came are definitely too short. Wood will need to be chiseled to properly embed the cables. 



Now the greeblies (awesome from Roger's btw):





Just today, had to make the stock brush "playable". 



That's all i have for now, this is obviously a WIP. 

What i am most happy about so far:

Thanks for watching. Appreciate any feedbacks.


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Sorry for showing this prematurely but i couldn't wait ...thx guys

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Why not show, I think you can already be proud of yourself, nice build!:duim:

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Finally managed to work on the T-21 some more. 

From where i left off... stockbrush is now installed, bondoed part re-painted. Will make sure they're properly aligned. 



The phone cable part, attached it to AMP rings.


Prepared the front scope part, bondo... bondo... (sanding..sanding...more sanding )



Attached the phone cable part onto the barrel, used chicage screws



Some drillings... 


Sideviews as of now:




Andddd wait, it's far from finish...i made this mistake here which is quite grave... but it's all part of my learning curve. The metal ring diameter's too large for some part of the greeblies to attach to. Will definitely have to take out the rings, re-set, and the most troublesome part, re-paint.


This is all i have for now... it's almost there.... unfortunately it won't be ready for the force weekend :( 

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Despite your small setback, I think your progress is really nice.  I look forward to seeing your final product.

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Looking great! Keep up the good work Can't wait to see it finished. Some day I'll add lights and sound to mine. Lol!!!

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OK, long overdue... but i officially declare this project DONE : )

Continuing where i left off, there were some setbacks... metal bars are now positioned correctly. Another setback was the front cross scope. After consulting Roger & referenced the right Lewis picture, i made more adjustments... 

Upper left is when i bondoed the parts together (mistake). Upper right is the right way to do it. Below: reference to the Lewis. 


Added the blue wiring accessory.. 


Front barrel when it lights up:


The phone wires & weathered the barrel... 


Some weathering:


Another side view + weathering (please just shout out for any mistakes)... 


And after my QC, i declare this satisfactorily done..... :):)  


The rough pixel rendering does the T21 no justice... (taken from a phone). Will get a better camera for better pictures.. 

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Nice work, mate!:duim:

Weathering is looking good too, the only thing I would change is to source a smaller/thinner ring for the front end of the barrel to make it even more accurate, but that is one detail only worth considering if you are going for SWAT.

Now I want to see that thing in action! :)


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Looks great! Well done brother! :peace: Hausi is probably right on that outer ring on the end of the barrel. It may be a bit thick. They made us thin ours out for SWAT. And dirty up those straps! lol!!!

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