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*DONE* TD-40803 Requesting Deployment

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@ Szen - Stand proud and represent, Troop! 


Name: Szen Ong 

Legion ID #: TD-40803

Forum Name: Szennyboy

Garrison:  UK Garrison



Excellent work, Szen!


You are now an officially DEPLOYED OFFICER in the Mos Eisley Police Department! :td::yes:

You have done an outstanding job on your armor. You have successfully followed the guidelines in regards to the MEPD CRL and have met the requirements.

Now, you can march with the rest of the 'Dirty Bunch' down the halls of the Precinct.. Your locker has been assigned and you are now ready to be placed on the roster among most elite troopers in the Outer Rim Territories.

Your Profile link will be updated shortly.

All I ask of you now is to confirm the Call Sign that you want use.

Also, please send the pic you want to use to either Luis (Sandman Tigui) or John (Henselmonster) and we'll get you squared away. Good?

Here is your MEPD Profile Link:

Congratulations on achieving this respected status in the 501st Legion! :td::salute:


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Congrats! Good Job

TD 31037 reporting in!!

Thanks guys! Be seeing you all in the sandpit! Will be heading off to this morning's troop as a PO! How cool is that!!!

Sent from my XT1092 using Tapatalk

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Excellent job and well deserved!! Congratulations :duim:



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