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*IN PROGRESS* TD-21804 Requesting SWAT Deployment

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Hi Urs,

Thank you for the review. I’ve changed all the points you raised on the weathering, hopefully I’m finally across the line! :salute:

Back of right shoulder bell and biceps

It´s easier to get the weathering right on these parts if you twist the right biceps clockwise.



1. You have successfully toned down the “Clawmarks” but there should be four of them and the one furthest on the right should be extended.

2. You should add some dirt on the upper left chest to match the reference.

3. This section on the righthand bottom of the chest should also receive slightly more dirt


Please add this vertical line (as seen in m4rick’s SWAT application thread)



Thighs and Knee ammo belt

1. Please add the U-shaped weathering in the section after the first raised rectangular detail:

2. Please adjust the strangely shaped spot on the right inside thigh so it matches the screen cap.


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Looks very good already, I think you´ve nailed the u-shaped dirt on the ammobelt. 

I just realized something: in the docking bay scene before they speak to Garindan, the Captain´s waist ammobelt must have slipped down because of carrying the heavy T-21 so close to his armor, that´s obviously the origin of the mystery line of weathering in between. 

I can see that you have added this detail with the belt in the right position (I guess we can assume that this scene might have been shot before the Garindan encounter with the belt indeed still in the correct position), very well done!


You have also done a very good job with the dirt on the right biceps and the shoulder.

One thing I am unfortunately still not completely happy with is the four "clawmarks" on the chest: while the shape and layout is almost perfect now, they still look a little too solid, so please try to tone them down a little in this area:


You´re really on the homestretch now as Airborne Trooper has said:duim:

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