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E11 blaster

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Here it is, my completed and painted E11 Blaster with a functional trigger, removable clip, functional chamber slide, movable 3 position selector switch, and best of all, a functional collapsible folding stock.


Over all, it was a tough and sometimes frustrating build, and a few pieces that snapped, but all in all, I love the finished results. Still need to weather for my Sandtrooper. 73b0b5116fe60f3e52eb2232e5e78c20.jpg00007942290fd5ef523c9c78721adbca.jpg537569222674b60365cb1a906630d958.jpg28c01863dc124655d15d82d2cb21e8d8.jpg35e33d41c08f60a6d865745731c9e55d.jpg8555d05f102e105a5528f3bed91410c4.jpg2cdbd9e983a8033a3cbb09f2e7858f11.jpg571aceee4e0da971cd843757f25d1962.jpg0851d2c50399651d24777972a936ac49.jpg


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was this a kit or was it made piece by piece?

would be very interested in making one my self


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